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NoPlanetB is a forum that develops solutions for a happier, environmentally sustainable lifestyle. We show you what is possible & how to make an impact. You as an individual, have the power to effect change, to shape policy, to vote with your wallet & to teach others.


About Us

NoPlanetB is run by passionate professional environmentalists, with real world experience of how we can all make a huge difference with simple changes to our life stlye. 

Our Mission

To show you what is possible & how to make an impact. We want to hear your concerns & provide real workable solutions, giving you the skills & knowledge to live well.

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You have the power to start the important conversations. Tell us what you want to known and we will do our utmost to empower you to create a happier lifestyle. 

No Planet B - In Action

Glastonbury Festival

Dr Meanwell - The Planetary Therapist @ Glastonbury 2017 - Shangri-La

Are you worried that global warming is ruining your sex life? Concerned your house is the next one down the plug hole? Do traffic jams cause impotence? Worried your children will look like Trump’s chlorine chicken?

Fear not Meine Liebchen! NoPlanetB's very own superhero, Dr Meanwell is taking to the stage at this year's Glastonbury in the Shangri-La Environ-mental Arena.

She will be ready to answer all your environmental concerns & questions.
Lie back on the couch whilst Dr Meanwell shares with you the secrets of how to #Livewell!

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About the Founder

Founding member of NoPlanetB,  Anna Lehmann holds various roles within the Environmental sector and works tirelessly to promote private sector investments in sustainable land use, clean energy and energy efficiency.

Anna has been active in the implementation of the Flexible Mechanisms of the Kyoto Protocol (CDM, JI, ETS) from the beginning and draws on more than 15 years working experience in international climate, energy and land use policy, of which eight years in high-level climate policy advisory. Anna holds an MSc in Agricultural Economics from Goettingen University, Germany, and advised Governments in Asia, Latin America and Africa on policies and incentive schemes for sustainable land use.

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Marrakech Climate Change Conference - 
“Land Use” Axis - Panel Speaker : Climate finance Day 2016

NoPlanetB's Founder, Anna Lehmann was a guest panel speaker at the Climate Finance Day - 2016. The panel for "Land Use" Axis - focused around the subject of " Financing sustainable agriculture for adaptation and mitigation in a low carbon economy".
The panel discussed key questions, such as..  What are the hidden opportunities offered by green agriculture? How to overcome the challenges and mitigate the risks while fostering sustainable and productive agricultural practices that ensure food security? How can green agriculture help reconcile growth, cost optimization, adaptation and the transition to a low-carbon economy? What are the winning models and best practices around the world? 

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On a mission to scale up climate action and transform landscapes and livelihoods by placing a value on the ecosystem services that support our planet and creating a demand for the amazing benefits they provide